What Is Meditation ? – It’s A Natural State and Very Simple Phenomenon


Meditation is a natural state. Simply relaxing, enjoying, resting but not sleeping. Being here and now totally, in the moment, without thinking about the future, about the past, just observing the thoughts which are coming and going, without judging, just observing.

In our mind there is constantly traffic of thoughts, good thoughts, bad thoughts. Just observe them, don’t judge this thought is good thought, i should have more thoughts like this one, and this thought is bad thought. Just observe the traffic of thoughts in your mind, you will notice a silent pauses between the thoughts. This pauses will become bigger and bigger. And that’s the goal, our mind to become more silent.
The meditation is enjoying, dancing, singing, loving. We all have been in this state. It doesn’t mean that is a passive state, you can dance, you can work and be meditative, observing your self, observing your words, what you talk, how you talk, how you move.

And in the and of the day, you will become more aware, conscious, compassionate and loving being full of understanding and love.

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