Consume Ripe Bananas With Black Spots And See What Will Happen To Your Body:


There are a lot of people who enjoy this delicious fruit. Rarely someone can resist their taste. And if you are one of those people who love the taste of bananas then you should definitely read this before going to buy some for yourself. You just need to be careful what you buy, because not everything is perfect for the health.
Due to a research a Japanese institute conducted the ripe banana produces TNF ( Tumor Necrosis Factor) an thanks to this substance, the banana has anti- cancer properties. The banana also increases the capacity of the immune system. This is why Japanese people love to eat them. So to conclude, the banana can prevent carcinogenesis and lifestyle – related diseases. And according to the research the riper the banana is the black spots and patches on the skin develop more. And those dark spots are better influencer on the immune system. So we can say that the anti- cancer effect rises with the rising of the dark spots on the banana, meaning that the riper it is the better quality it gives.

We all know the fact that as the fruit ripens the nutrients quality change. But I`m sure you aren’t aware of how the banana quality changes. When the banana becomes yellow it increases the level of antioxidants. When the banana becomes completely ripened and has dark patches on the skin the nutrients change into simple sugar. When the banana reaches the stage of dark spots on the skin then this now means that the level of TNF has risen. The sugar that now the banana contains are much more easily digestible. It is believed that these dark spots and the content of the banana gives 8 times more effect on enhancing the white blood cells than when the banana is green or fresh yellow.
Research has shown that the ripened banana acts as an anti-cancer agent because it stimulates the production of the white blood cells preventing their mutation. This effect has been implemented medically with the chemical immune- stimulant named Lentinan. It has been administered intravenously as an anti- cancer agent. The TNF helps the body to fight abnormal cells in itself with the help of the cytokine, a substance secreted by certain cells of the immune system that have an effect on other cells.

The research was conducted on various ripe fruits like banana, apple, grape, persimmon, pear, watermelon and pineapple. When they compared all the benefits from each fruit they concluded that the banana was actually the one with the best results giving the best benefits for the health. It produced the TNF anti-cancer substance increasing the white blood cells. You need to consume 1-2 bananas daily so that the immune system will be increased and the diseases like flu, cold and other can be fought easily. You need to keep the bananas refrigerated when they are ripe, because you wouldn’t want to lose any vitamins. If they have brown spots you can eat them immediately. If the skin of the banana turned completely brown you shouldn’t eat them at all.

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