What To Say To Your Partner When Your Relationship Seems Grim


Any relationship will inevitably reach a point that’s difficult. All relationships take work as they develop, grow, and change as the people involved in them change. If two people aren’t willing to work toward their future together, the relationship won’t last. Couples are often too worried about whether or not they’ll have to endure hard times, when they should be worried about how they’ll react when those hard times undoubtedly hit.

If you’re in a relationship that’s hit a rough stretch, you need to first decide if it’s worth working through. When you make the decision to work toward a brighter future, it helps to know what to say to your partner. The right words can make all the difference in regards to saving, fixing, or even just maintaining a healthy relationship. Here are six things you should tell your partner.

1. Thank You

Gratitude is everything in a relationship. Even when a relationship is at its best, each person involved will be doing things for the other in a display of affection. Those displays will eventually become less frequent if no gratitude is given, which is why saying thank you can make all the difference in the world.

Next time your partner does something for you, even when it seems insignificant, say thank you.

2. I’m Sorry

One of the hardest things people can do is admit when they’re wrong or when they’ve made a mistake. Don’t let pride get in the way of a relationship that could otherwise stand the test of time.

Simply saying sorry when you’ve screwed up can change your partner’s mood and make them more forgiving in the future. It will also end arguments that put unnecessary strain on a relationship more quickly.

3. I’m Proud

Your partner wants to know that you’re proud to be with them.

When your partner feels valued, they have the motivation to work harder in the relationship no matter the issue. Make sure that you’re being specific when you tell your partner that you’re proud of them; if you’re proud of what they do around the house, how hard they work or provide, or for any other reason, make sure you say why specifically.

4. I’m Making More of an Effort

Let your partner know that you’re working hard to give them what they want. If your partner takes the time to address an issue they’ve been having, you owe it to them to make the effort to fix it. If your partner wants you to do more around the house, try to clean up after yourself, help during meal times, or organize cluttered areas, let them know you’re trying.

5. What Do You Need?

When your partner has been having a rough day or week, let them know you’re willing to do what you can to help.

Simply asking your partner what they need can go a long way. It’s not so much the act of physically doing something, but the fact that you’re there for them when they need an extra hand. If your partner does mention something you can do, make sure you do it as soon as possible.

6. I Love You

These three simple words will say it all. If you feel genuine, real love for your partner, you can’t express those feelings enough. Saying I love you will make your partner feel like the work they do for the relationship is all worth it. If you feel it, say it, and say it often.

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