Within you is The Light of a Thousand Suns. Happiness is the Substratum of Your Existence. This is who You are. Happiness is your True Nature. Within you is Unimaginable Beauty. Your True Self is Bright and Shining this Moment. Through the clear Realization of the Truth, your Real Self will come shining through.

Everyone is looking for happiness. Happiness is the Unchanging Truth of your Real Self. You are not the outer images that keep changing. It does not matter what is happening in your life, nothing is more powerful than the Absolute Truth of who You are, an Embodiment of Happiness.

Suffering subsides. No matter what your background or religion, Happiness is the Unchanging Reality behind the changing images of your life. Won’t you begin to experience this Reality now? It’s worth it!

Beyond our myriad thoughts, desires, fears, is Unalloyed Happiness-Unimaginable Beauty that transforms us in a Moment. You will become radiantly happy for no reason whatsoever.

This World Has No Power Over You-Be Humble Gentle and Strong

Be gentle, humble and strong. The world may appear hard at times but do not let it fool you. It has no power over you at all. Always realize that you are Divinely Protected, Divinely Guided to your Highest Good. You have nothing to fight, fear. Happiness is the Substratum of your Existence. YOU are That. You stand tall in this Awareness. You are no longer pulled this way and that by circumstances and events. You know that this is a temporal word of material change, but You are not a powerless victim. This illusion of being powerless in the face of your life is replaced by an Awareness of an unchanging permanence. A safety in the All Pervasive. The Imperishable Embracing Reality that can never leave you.

For there is a Great and Beautiful Reality that remains within the life that you have been given in this world. You can experience this Reality with your conscious mind every moment. We know that this is called Illumination. You are Illumined to your true life. Your real life. You have heard it said ‘this is real life.’ But is it? It is only the limitations of those who have surrendered in what has ‘happened’ to them. Do not allow your life to be reduce to the temporal nature of events and circumstances.

You are receiving everything that you need to learn who you are, in baby steps. Conscious evolution is the process of deliberately feeding yourself Reality in order to progress faster. To rise above being limited to this realm. When you do this, you no longer have to learn from cause and effect, sorrow and elation’s, for your actions originate from Truth.

Beyond all suffering, There is nothing but beauty. There are guaranteed ways to achieve this (awareness). To remain this Reality. Going within, diving into The Presence, Meditation, and more. The important thing is to return to the Source, the experience of complete happiness every single day, to reset yourself. Then, you consciously spread this Reality unto everyone in your life.

Something Wonderful and Amazing

Something wonderful and amazing will happen. You will be transformed. Those immersed in emanating pain to others will no longer be attracted to your presence. You will create New Life. You will create the bubble of happiness that supersedes all ‘head knowledge’, all debating, all doubt, fear. For you have tapped into the Source of your own life. And there is nothing but beauty.

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