A friend...


A friend who is friendly only to take, not to give,
A friend who talks big, but never helps a friend,
A friend who supports you just to make you happy (not thinking of the consequences),

A friend who pushes you towards sinful deeds;
Those are the four types, who are not your friends, but foes;
The one who is wise,
Understands this and would avoid them from afar,
As if they were a dangerous road.

A friend who always lends a hand,
A friend who is with you in both sorrow and joy,
A friend who offers you good advice,
A friend who sympathizes with you;
Those are the four kinds of true friends,
And the one who is wise, having understood this,
Would always cherish and serve such friends,
Just like a mother who tends her only child.
~ Digha Nikaya ~

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