Are You Observant Enough To Find The Hidden Dog In This Picture?


A quick glance can never reveal the full truth about a person. Nor can it tell you everything about an object, say a painting or a drawing. For example, in the drawing below, there appears to be a man. And so there is! But more than a glance will show you there is something else in the picture. Can you see the hidden dog?

Take a look at the drawing. Do you see a man? And do you also see the dog?
Well, were you able to see the hidden dog in the image? If not, the solution is below. But first, why not give it another look? Or maybe you’d like a hint? Look at the area by the man’s hair and ear. Does this area look at all like anything else to you?

The drawing is by a Russian cartoonist named Valentine Dubinin, who has produced similar optical illusions, like the one here. Dubinin is clever in his execution, creating optical illusions by rendering two different images that share the same pencil or brush strokes.

It’s noteworthy how so many situations, people and places are more than what they seem to be. This could be a life lesson to us all, to take a closer glance. Chances are, there is more to the circumstances than you realize!

Were you able to find the hidden dog in the picture? If not, here is the solution:
The dog was upside down!  Do you see him now? Be sure to share with your friends to see how they fare!


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