Test Of A Great Psychologist: Which Portal Are You Most Afraid To Enter?


Joseph Campbell once said: “The cave you are scared to enter contains the treasure you are looking for,” He was an American historian and writer, who conducted numerous studies of human psychology. The theory of Joseph Campbell was based on the fact that the human being has to be happy, but also to be able to throw away his own fears, in the end following his ideals.

Clifford N. Lazarus is the famous psychologist who completely shares Campbell’s thinking. He also believes that the people have the ability to create their own barriers and those barriers are the ones that prevent him from expressing himself fully. He advises to take risks to face our own fears in order to achieve the real happiness.

 If you want to find out your barriers, to know your fortune and your true personality, you should carefully observe these entries and then you need to choose the one that makes you scared the most.

Number 1

Abandoned House, you are absolutely someone who has a very strong, analytic and intelligent personality. You don’t have trouble to see things as they are, you always put your values ​​in the first place and then you expect others to behave like you do. Covered with wallpaper wall is simply indicating that you have raised spiritual and emotional walls, and this is what makes people difficult to relate to you. On the contrary, the light turned on is showing that you want to break down these emotional barriers. You are a person with few friends, but they are real ones.
Emotional satisfaction is the treasure that you are looking for, the one that you need to get in touch with some person, however not intellectually. You need some deeper relationship, a relationship that comes from the heart.

Number 2

The stairs of a basement or loft mean that you want to be free so that you are able to enjoy your life. Getting down to this scale literally symbolizes the fear to be buried, you are very scared of death and you don’t know what’s next.
The treasure that you want is to have good health, so, in order to make this happen you need to take care of yourself. You will need to eat well and walk more often. You are someone who thinks a lot and loves the life, always respects yourself and you that is how you are going to find your treasure.

Number 3

If you are afraid to think about getting into an ice cave, it’s maybe because you are spending some period of time when you are looking for emotional warmth, meaning you are afraid to experience feelings such as frustration and sadness. To look at the positive side, that means you are going through a very pleasant period of your life, you are definitely someone who knows what he wants and you know what things are making you truly happy. You are someone with great values, you don’t like the ties being too tight, and that gives you freedom and independence.
Probably love is the treasure that you are looking for in that cave, and it is not just the couple love, but also the good relationship of friendship or loving a family member.

Number 4

The dilapidated house is among your worst nightmares. Home is the symbol of love and security that you have. You are a person who is very generous and a person who does not pull back when someone needs your help. You are someone who is always looking for well-being for your loved ones and trying to give you everything that you need. To see a house in ruins is meaning bankruptcy. Moreover, you are a heartfelt and loyal person, but not all the people know how to appreciate it.
Fearing the dilapidated house means the treasure that you are searching for is wealth. You know very well that in order to reach it you are going to have to work hard, but know this, once you get it you will need to be careful not to waste it. Those who truly love you do not need luxury items, only love and support.

Number 5

To be afraid of entering a tunnel means that you have to affect your emotions. If we add the hazy water to that fear, it means that your thoughts and ideas are not that clear and you must understand them better and to see them in a much clearer way. You will have to leave all the issues behind you and then find a solution. You are a heartfelt and very smart person.
The treasure that you are looking for is a trust in yourself, you have to express your feelings to solve your problems and doubts. You have to remember that all the things that are at the end of the tunnel are becoming clearer.

Number 6

Blue door closed with chains; that is plenty of color which resembles the sky and the sea and it indicates stability. You are a person, who is very productive, you usually reach the goals that you set, and they are almost always very difficult. You are very creative and you can solve problems with simplicity. You always try to give the best of you, and also you are disposed to be a great leader.
The treasure that you are searching for behind the blue door with chains is comfort, don’t overdo it with your work and commitments, you should take a rest, and just  try to enjoy the beautiful things of life.

source: inhalepositivevibes.com

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