8 Things That Are Truly A Waste Of Your Time


(01)Watching TV.

(02)Being in a relationship with someone just because you feel bored or lonely.

()3)Trying to solve everyone’s problems.

()4)Trying to win every conversation that you have with people.

(05)Doing something just because it makes others happy while you’re unhappy.

(06)Constantly complaining about something that you could have already changed.

(07)Creating fake problems so that you don’t have to deal with your real problems.

(08)Trying to make someone love you when they are not interested in you.

In addition, I think not appreciating the moment is also a waste of time. When you are focused on what you should have done, what you should do, or how it is supposed to be, you are wasting your time. You can’t change what you didn’t do, no matter how much you beat yourself up about it. But you can take action on what you want right now. Don’t wait for the right person to do the things you want to do, what guarantee is there that you will find that person? Don’t leave this world with a wasted life. Make the most out of each moment and ensure it adds to your life in some way.

source and courtesy: feelpositive.wordpress.com

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