It Is All About Color: Eight Autumn Leaves That Help People Understand Their Personality Better


Autumn is the perfect time to enjoy hot tea, sweet cookies, evening readings, and curious personality tests. For example, this one will tell what kind of character you have.

Today, we have a special autumn test that will reveal the truth about your personality.
Here are eight autumn leaves with different colors, but you need to pick only one. The most important part is that you should make your choice without thinking too much. And once the decision is made, scroll down and read what the color you’ve picked tells about your personality.

Red is the color of courage and confidence. You are an optimistic and active person who loves to be in the center of attention. Such people represent the true driving force in any team. You are always full of energy and ready to move forward. Perhaps, this is why other people like your company so much.


Orange is the color of optimism. So, if you’ve picked orange, it means that you are a very positive, open-minded, and extroverted person. You are a good friend and easy to talk individual. Orange lovers know how to turn any event into a fun and thrilling party. And since you love being around other people so much, you are most likely the center of any party you go to.


Yellow is a color of happiness and joy. People who prefer it usually are fun and entertaining. You have a very creative mind and generate new ideas one after another. However, bringing these thoughts to life is not easy for you, but it does not bother you much.
Sometimes, yellow color lovers become the real perfectionists and are being too harsh on themselves. They like to analyze everything and have excellent analytical skills.


Green is the color of balance. So, if you choose the green leaf, it means that you are always seeking balance in every part of your life. You are a kind, caring, and generous person who can easily connect with others and understand their needs. You are always willing to help people around you, but some individuals may use this against you. So, be careful and do not neglect your own needs for the sake of others too often.


Blue is the color of trust. You are one of these persons who always keep their promises. People trust you easily, but to gain your trust, they must work very hard.
Acting on the spur of the moment is not your favorite strategy. You plan every step and assess all possible risks before making any decision. Opening up to another person and showing your feelings may be difficult for you.


Brown is the color of honesty. If you choose the brown leaf, then you are a true and open person. People like you because you are sincere, responsible, and reliable. You keep your word no matter what and take your obligations seriously. And when your friend needs you, you are always ready to do whatever you can to help them.


White is the color of new beginnings. If you choose this color, it means that you are ready to start a new chapter of your life. You are a wise person and try to focus on the bright side of your life. You like it when everything around is clean and in its place. Just remember not to waste all your free time on cleaning up your surroundings.


Black is the color of power. People who choose the black leaf are independent, confident, and sometimes a bit demanding. You have a strong will and take the control into your hands in any situation. You are one of these people who can fight for what they want without further hesitation.

On the other hand, people who choose black color may be quite conservative. So, remember not to take things too seriously and give yourself a break from time to time.
So, have you recognized yourself in these descriptions? Leave a comment and share your impressions with us.

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